1. Monday Night Bore. I mean Raw

    Anyone else getting sick of this whole Orton crap? This needs to end soon for everyones sake. The only thing keeping me held on is Batista’s return. Anyone disagree? Anyone looking forward to something else tonight. Let me know

  2. wrasslormonkey:

    Always worth it for the 100 points (by @WrasslorMonkey)


  3. While posting my previous post all I could think of was this


  4. We’re Back

    We’re dusting off the keyboards and firing up the theme song. With Royal Rumble all but here its time to mock the universe we know and love. Lets start with a simple question. Who do you WANT to see win the rumble? or maybe who do you want to see return. Last year saw cameo appearances from the likes of The Godfather however also relit the career of Goldust. So who would you want to return at the rumble?

  5. Dickhead

  6. So True

  7. Zeb In Disguise 

  8. Poor Show Taker

  9. It’s All A Lie

  10. Believe In The Shield